Exposure – Inside the Olympus Scandal An Englishman in Tokyo, what can go wrong?

After 30 years working at a Japanese company, a foreigner is promoted to the top job. After being fired for addressing accounting irregularities, he turns whistleblower and a scandal erupts.

Don’t rock the boat. An attitude that will sink your archipelago in a sea of change. (Image: Financial Times)
Despite the fact that Mr. Woodford at regular intervals expresses his love for his 40.000+ co-workers at Olympus, he cheers victory whenever the share price hits the next low, following yet another incident. The way I read it, the first part of the book deals with his escape from Japan, possibly because his life was in danger. The second act is all about revenge, disguised as helping Olympus – and indirectly Japan Inc. – back on its feet.

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